Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offering


What's Included in the Collabrance MSP Offering

With 'corePHP’s MSP offering, you can at least rest assure knowing you’ll have the backing of an IT team with the know-how and talent to handle any technical issue that comes your way! Our tested team of industry experts are trained on the most up-to-date technology solutions (Including cloud & wireless) giving them the skills needed to address all issues our clients may be experiencing.

Why Choose corePHP MSP Offering?

24/7 RMM Monitoring with 7-7CST NOC Remediation M-F, HTTP/HTTPS Monitoring etc

Preventative Maintenance

We feel that there is nothing more essential than understanding your vision and context.

Streamlined IT operations

Making it easier for MSPs to streamline their clients' entire business operation framework.

Mobile Devices (Smartphones / Tablets)

Email Account Setup, Monitored and secured Hosted Exchange

Backup - File Level - Image Level

Bare Metal Restore, Recovery of Individual Files

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Routing, Policies and Network/Port Address Translation, Change Requests, IPSec VPN, ISP Failover Configuration

Preventative Maintenance

G-Byte Techno Team make sure that minimum maintenance is required in order to avoid the disruption of the network, 24/7 RMM Monitoring with 7-7CST NOC Remediation M-F, Hardware Health Monitoring, Device Performance Monitoring, Disk Health Check, AV and Patch Monitoring, Patching - Windows and 3rd Party Patching

HTTP/HTTPS Monitoring
Proactive Reboot Procedures
Patching Verification
Internet Connectivity, DNS Filtering
Security and Distribution Group Management
Printer and File Sharing Permission Management in Moves, Adds, Changes
SPAM Filtering, Passowrds updates, Active Directory and Exchange
Support up to, and through the OS, Remote Desktop Access
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Unified Threat Management (UTM)

This is extremely critical aspect of making sure the base of your entire business structure stays up and running at peak efficiency. This is something that takes highly trained IT teams who are well versed in the ins and outs of system monitoring and testing. It integrates everything from communications to sales into this infrastructure, and if it fails, it could have catastrophic results for your business and your customers. This is why G-Byte Techno focuses comprehensively on this service.

Including Hardware, Warranty, Replacement, Constant Updates of OS and Signatures
Routing, Policies and Network/Port Address Translation, Content Filtering, SSL VPN
LDAP Authentication Integration, IPSec VPN, ISP Failover Configuration
Integrated Intrusion Prevention blocked the exploit of vulnerabilities
Control & visibility over traffic flows improved with Quality of Service enhancements & bandwidth management
Web sites & web content are filtered & monitored from the same central command dashboard, depends what service provider are we offering
Simplification of complex networks allowed for dynamic routing, policy-based routing, & multiple Internet connections on a single secure network
Integrated Intrusion Prevention with deep packet scanning


G-Byte Techno's Java Center of Excellence (CoE) helps organizations design, develop and deploy enterprise-class applications at reduced costs while still ensuring greater speed, security, and reliability. G-Byte Techno's Java CoE is an amalgamation of well-defined processes, tools, and technologies that help developing solutions for our clients' rapidly evolving requirements. G-Byte Techno's Java CoE continuously evaluates new technologies and develop best in class solutions for our clients.

Remote Resolution Rate, UTM Report, License Key Inventory Report, Hardware Upgrade Planning Report
Quarterly Business Review Report, Capacity Planning Report Hardware Inventory Report, Account Scorecard (Service Provider Trending)
SLA Reporting, Monthly Web Traffic Overview Report (UTM)
Detailed report and analytics
We in Colloboration with our Partners don’t just provide reactive and defensive services; we also offer many features and benefits that are proactive, such as deep analytics
collect massive amounts of data and information from all the inner workings of your infrastructure and digital systems
effectively producing a chart of which things are working well and which ones need attention.
Natural Or Digital Disaster Preparation
We also provode separate storage facilities, far from your geographic region, which is an essential part of our managed service.
We Maximize system uptime to enhance productivity
Consistent optimization ensures high functioning systems and environments to support maximum productivity
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